I write in Japanese about music for several web and printed music magazines and blogs. My focus is jazz, improvisational and related musics from the 20th and 21st centuries.  I am dedicated to deliver in my writing the layers of aesthetics and poetry in each musical expression, and to describe them in as profound, detailed and extensive way as possible.


The musicians I've written about so far include Amina Claudine Myers, Cecil Taylor, Randy Weston, Albert Ayler, Duke Ellington, Matana Roberts, Tony Malaby, Tyshawn Sorey, Dan Weiss, Flin van Hemmen, Sergio Krakowski, Anais Maviel, and Jen Shyu.


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現在Jazz Tokyoでコラム「ニューヨーク:変容するジャズのいま」を毎月寄稿中。





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